Thursday, September 25, 2014


Yesterday we drove out on an adventure.

We rode in the dark for about an hour, and then were gifted with this incredibly mesmerizing, glorious sunrise.  Spectacular. Awe inspiring.  The only one that surpassed this one was the morning my mother in law passed away.   I knew she closed her eyes on earth, and opened them in heaven. This sunrise to us was a gift.  An unexpected joy.

And then there were the trees.  Vibrant colors everywhere.  Greens and yellows, oranges and reds.  "Look at that one."  We drove a little farther.  "Ooooh look over there at those."  We never tired of the leaf peeping.  It literally looked like splattered paint on the side of the road.  Pictures just don't  do it justice.  We never knew what colors to expect  around the next bend!

Rest stops can be difficult to find at times while traveling.
This particular one left us in a bit of a conundrum!  We drank quite a bit of water and really needed one!  Not what we expected!

 Any guesses where we are?
 We expected this to be good, but it indeed surpassed whatever expectations we had thought about fried ravioli!
 A bit of Italy here.  Lots of statues and even some fake flowers!
 I am here for a writers conference.  It is the next chapter on this journey.  This crazy dream I have to pen a novel.  I am, indeed, riding in elevators with some of the best authors in the publishing world.  It is a bit intimidating, but wow are they nice!  Not that that should surprise me, but still!  It is great.  I am here to learn.  And learn I will do.

Like the sunrise and the leaves, I certainly did not expect to be so inspired today with those gifts.  I am not sure what to expect these next couple of days.  I guess I have no expectations.  But, I am getting on that elevator, and going to class with an open mind to whatever happens.

What dreams are you chasing?  And what are you doing to pursue them?

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