Thursday, September 18, 2014


If you do nothing else on the internet today, click on this. 
Zach Sobiech was one incredible kid.  
Wise.  And oh so talented.  He died last May 2013.  But he lived.  More than most of us do.  

I dare you not to cry.  Then again, maybe you shouldn't cry, but think of how you want to be remembered. 

This is about a 7 minute video on the making of his portrait.  
Besides Zach and his guitar, there are other items included in the portrait.  

My favorite is the medal of St. Peregrine.  His mom says, "Zach called it "Perry" and carried it in his pocket with him everywhere."

I have followed this story for awhile now.  I pray for this family often.  They know how to give and they know how to live each day.  
Laura Sobiech ends most of her posts on caring bridge with "Peace."
Peace Sobiech family.  


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