Monday, September 8, 2014

She is coming here!

I see a trip to a tea room in the near future.

I wrote a post called "Idyllic" this past July 14.

It introduced you to my friend Marion from England.
We had so much fun while in the UK.  We had tea, stayed at her home, visited Althorp together, and went to quaint little villages.  I loved every bit of it.  Can't even give a favorite.  It all was so wonderful.
This is a view from Marion's back yard.  Well actually, her "used to be" backyard.  She has since moved.  So glad I got to see this one!
I loved walking in the neighborhood!
We visited a lot of churches.  Sometimes I was so enlivened, I needed  these little reminders to not gasp too loud!

Well, now my friend  is coming here!  This is not a first time visit.  She is well acquainted with America.  But, I am so eager to see her.

What about you...have you had visitors from far away lately?


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