Thursday, September 11, 2014


It started out good.
An apple, some almonds, and some string cheese.

Lunch too...  A shredded roast beef sandwich.

But then an awful, no good, evil specialist brought treats to our office  and the will power went bye bye.
  It had chocolate icing and different colored sprinkles.  I ate the whole thing.
After work I had to stop and get more apples.  The honeycrisps are now in the store.  My favorite.
Just so happens, these are available too.  Caramel and sea salt.  So, I had to buy one.  Well...maybe two!
  Nostalgia hit as I walked past these yummy treats.  They ended up in my boys' care packages a lot while they were in Alaska.
And then maybe one landed in my cart!
FUNKYCHUNKY=YUMMY!  Best caloric cheat ever!
There happens to be a Starbucks in the store where I was indulging in sugar.  Should I?  Ok...why not?!  So I did!  A non fat chai tea!
Why is it that it all looks so great, but then my stomach hurts and so does my head after eating all this junk?  Hmmmmmm.....!!

So, what's your snack temptation?

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