Thursday, August 13, 2015


When I heard the news that a writer friend passed away this week, it got me to thinking.

Death does that.  Makes you think.

Someone asked my mother in law in the weeks before her death if she had any regrets.  She  replied without hesitation.  "I can honestly say that I have done everything that I have wanted to do, and said everything that I needed to say.  No regrets."

Can I say that?  Can you?  No regrets.  What are my dreams?  Goals?  What really matters?  

I'm learning from others...

Like these for instance.  Walk a country road as often as possible.  
                           Shop local farms
                            Embrace vintage!  
                            Find your tribe.  (Love this one!)
                             Surprise someone.  Make them a pie! 
                              Hang twinkle lights year round!
                             Use vinegar
                              Wear an apron!  (Do you have one?)
                             Go for a picnic
                                Count your blessings
Some dreams of mine...

Be published by the time I am 50.  3 more years to go!
Visit all 13 presidential libraries
Travel to England again
Take my kids to Hawaii-hubby too!  
Read 50 books a year
Build a little free library and place in my front yard

What are your dreams?  You don't have to tell me.  You just need to know them yourself.  



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