Monday, August 10, 2015

My writing friend

This weekend I learned of the passing of my writer friend.

Her name was Marion Stroud.

She lived in England.   We never met in person, but she was so good at emailing me with writing advice.

I am so thankful I had the wisdom to print them all.  They have always meant a lot to me, but now---well----they are priceless.

One said email quotes, "Well done getting your entry in-so good to set and reach a goal.  I wish you the very best for it..."

Another speaks of her visits to the doctor.  "...CT scan today and then on Friday seeing the oncologist when the results of the scan will be discussed (wobble wobble) and future treatment options (if needed).  Your continued prayers for a clear scan result and wisdom as to "where next" would be greatly appreciated....."  I love her honesty--"wobble wobble."

We spoke of meeting face to face in Bedford.  That's where she lived.  Lucky her.  Anna, the Duchess of Bedford started the whole British afternoon tea tradition there.  It would have been lovely.  I just know it.  

She left quite a legacy with her writings.  I can only hope to leave such a mark.

"Every day comes just once in a lifetime.  Today you are creating tomorrow's memories.  Invest in positive memories, for childhood memories mould the person of the future."--Marion Stroud

"One of the greatest gifts that we can give to anyone is to listen to them; not just to hear what they are saying, but to listen to them with love, aiming to understand the feelings that lie behind the words."--Marion Stroud.


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