Thursday, August 6, 2015

I still do

August 6, 1988.  The day we got hitched.
Compared to today's norm, our wedding day was pretty hick!

I found my dress at the nearest JCPenney, squished between  much more fancy gowns.  It was the first one I tried on.  Fitted in the middle with lace in the short sleeves, I knew I'd be walking down the aisle in that dress.   I spent $99.  I wonder if it still fits...

The day was a scorcher.  We married in a small town church without air conditioning!  The pastor gladly forfeited his vestment for much lighter  attire.  Many guests sweat buckets, but smiled their way through the receiving line granting their best wishes.  
We proceeded to perspire at dinner  in the  church basement.  On our wedding invites,  it is referred to as the church parlor.  Sounds so much better than the basement don't you think?  We dined on chicken salad- complete with the grapes mixed in, croissants, chips, pickles, and wedding cake that we made with my mother in law.   Truth told, she made the whole thing.  We maybe helped put a rose or two on top!  
The "church circle" ladies served the meal.  We paid all eight of them fifty bucks!

The flowers were fake, but not our love.

Lots has happened in these 27 years.  Some sad, but mostly good.
We have two great kids, jobs, health, our home, laughs...but best of all--each other.
What a gift to walk through life with my best friend.

August 6, 1988 was not just any day.  It was the day we said "I do"-forever.

I hope we are defining by example what legacy and love looks like to our children.
Yes, that hot day in August,  27 years ago today,  is still a day worth celebrating.  

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