Thursday, August 20, 2015

What's yours?

Yesterday I read something interesting.

The question was asked,  "What's your unfair advantage?"

The blog went on to comment about  the topic.  Many chimed in on their unfair advantage.

"Fast reader"
""Husband works from home"
"Eye for detail"  to name just a few.

The obvious next question:  What's mine?  So, I thought.  And thought some more.

A ha!  My teeth!  White teeth to be exact.  I have had many tell me that "your teeth are so white.  I want teeth like yours."
My unfair advantage?  Answer:    I work in a dental office.  Teeth are what we do!  I get to brush and floss numerous times a day, and I get my teeth cleaned every six months if not sooner.   I have access to the latest in teeth whitening, and the newest toothpastes.  If I need an xray taken of a tooth, all I have to do is ask!  Yep.  Definitely an unfair advantage.

Here's the site if you would like to read.

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