Thursday, January 4, 2018

An Observation

My car on a much warmer day than it is today. The photo's weather is at least an 80 degree difference. This morning, the temperature here in the tundra is a balmy -5 degrees! Feels like -20.

Anyway, it's an observation, but not the one I will share with you!

Even in this ridiculously cold weather, I like to park my car a ways from the front entrance to the grocery store, work, coffee shop, wherever I happen to be. You get the idea. If there's a way for me to get my steps in without going to a gym, it's a win.

Picture me parking off in a distant parking space.  There's no other car remotely close. The masses park as close to the front door as possible.  I like to be the one swimming upstream!  I pull into my preferred spot,  my heater going full blast as the car idles. I pull my arms through my coat. The coat I took off halfway to my destination because I was getting hot due to my heated seats. (Best invention EVER!)

I tug on my gloves and grab for my purse, ready to shut off the engine when I notice a car pull up next to me. Not a few spots down, or even a space between, but RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Driver gets out, sometimes even giving me a wave. I hear  his fob lock his car door as he rushes up the parking lot to the front entrance. My thoughts ensue.

Dude...right next to me? What's with that? Safety? Are you afraid your door will get dinged and pulling up next to my car assures it won't?  Do you want to get your steps in too? 
Even so, why are you parking RIGHT next to me?

It's the strangest thing.  This has happened more than once! I've been so tempted to ask, "Why are you parking right beside me?" . Haven't yet. I'll let you know the answer should I get up enough nerve to inquire.

Has this ever happened to you?  What do you think the reason is? 

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