Monday, January 1, 2018

It's Happening

2018 is here. My first thoughts as I woke this morning were those of England. I'm really going. AND now I can officially say this year.  THIS YEAR. I'm in awe. Will be for months. It's a lovely thought.

Hubby and I spent some of our weekend booking inns for our trip.  One such place we will rest our heads is the Red Lion Inn in Lacock. I can't wait to binge watch Downton Abbey! Much of the 2015 season was filmed in this village. Very idyllic.
Guaranteed, there will be no shortage of tea drinking!
Anyplace pertaining to Jane Austen will be on the list.
I'm so very much looking forward to our holiday across the pond.
I hope you are planning something wonderful for your 2018 too.

Happy New Year. 

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