Monday, January 8, 2018

Learned something

Have you been watching The Crown?

I just finished the second season. I'm still processing.
The one episode that really surprised me was about Prince Philip and his childhood. It really does make sense how one acts in adulthood is in some ways proportioned to how we are raised.

I like to call it the DM, or dark moment, from our past. Clearly, he did not have a good relationship with his father. He seemed to not have spent much time with his mother, who had a mental illness and was institutionalized.   Those family roots  run deep and affect us much more than we care to realize. I understand  because of my own relationship with my mother. 

I felt such empathy for the prince when he received the news of his sister's death in a plane crash. How horrible and alone he must have felt.

We likely will never know just how much of The Crown really is true life or simply drama for ratings, but whichever it is, being a part of the royal family can't be easy. With all of the research and reading, I will forever find them a fascinating part of history.

Do you like The Crown? What has surprised you the most? 

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