Thursday, November 15, 2012

A date in history

We all have one.
A date on the calendar that we will never forget.
Our wedding anniversary, the birthdate of our child.
A day that is seared in our memory that will never erase.

One for me is today, November 15, 2006
I write a lot in my journal.  As I look back on this date, I barely wrote about it.
I was scared, really scared.
My phone rang in the early hours of the morning that my sister was in the emergency room.  She had just suffered a brain aneurysm.
I remember thinking, "she is not going to survive this."
We gathered at the hospital and met with the doctor.  The news was grim.  He kept saying, "if she survives....if she survives surgery, if she survives the vasospasms, if if if.  Our heads were spinning.

I was shaking.  Those memories make me shudder at the thought of them.
We prayed all through surgery, and she survived.  We prayed for the next two weeks while she was in ICU.  I spoke with her during those days, and she and I promised things that one should never have to even ask of a sister.
The days passed slowly.  It was out of our control.

An only entry in my journal...
This burden is too hard.  Help me to let go and allow You to have it all.

I am grateful.  We witnessed a real life miracle.  My sister is alive and very well today.  It is only God's mercy and grace that she is here.  Even the doctors were baffled.  They have bluntly told her that she should be dead.  We serve a big God.
Thank you for sparing her life.

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  1. Gail, awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!! You are right on track, writing from your heart! So blessed to be sharing the journey with you!!!!