Monday, November 19, 2012

No ordinary man

As I sit at my table, I am being amused by his antics.
He is preparing pumpkin pies.  Says he needs to make two.  One for Thanksgiving, and one just to have for the kids.  I just chuckle.  He is in there concocting a popcorn snack, some chocolately divine dessert, and our supper.
The smells are alluring.

I think of how our kids have learned about life just by watching this husband of mine, their father.

On a day awhile back, our doorbell rang.  Our daughter answered, and it was my husband.  He asked "is Gail ready?"
She giggles and lets me know my "date" is here.
He hands me some daisies...he knows they are my favorite, and he whisks me away to an unknown location.
We arrive at the restaurant, and he proclaims, "I forgot my wallet.".   I state that I have money, to which he gasped, "I can't have you pay.  We will just run back and retrieve it."
We arrive back "home".
There we are greeted by a hostess (our daughter) asking, would you like a table or a booth?  "we will take the table with the view" my conniving husband responded.
We sat at a lovely table with a spectacular view of our garden!
It was time to order and he says, "let me order, I've been here before!"

During this week of giving thanks, I am reminded of the gift of marriage.  It has it's highs and lows, and is certainly not a perfect life.  Our kids get the privilege of being their father's children.  They are blessed.  I am humbled and by Gods mercy, I get to be his wife.

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