Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baggage claim

It was a great weekend, but I was glad to be back, even if it was cold.
I made my way through the airport, and was surprised I had to take a tram to get down to baggage.
Still not time to just meander through the maze that an airport can sometimes be.

I made my way to the carousel and waited patiently as I watched bag after bag make their way into each owner's possession.
Round and round the mostly black colored luggages passed by tediously.  I thought for a moment, "how do these not get lost.".   The screen flashed, STILL UNLOADING.
I started getting restless.  Soon the screen blinked, UNLOADING COMPLETE!
Officially restless!
I do not travel a whole lot, but I have never found myself in this predicament before.
I looked around and discovered a small area strategically placed in a corner with a sign (not blinking) that said: baggage service!
This is a queue I did not want to be in.  I could tell others felt the same.
It had obviously been a long day for the person behind the computer, and if somehow one could crawl through the screen, I think one would have!  I am sure "amusing" would not be the description of  the job at that moment.
I made a quick mental note of what I had placed in my luggage earlier in the day.... Books I had bought at my retreat, all my makeup, and clothes.  Nothing valuable, and all replaceable.
I smiled and stated that it was looking like my luggage and I had parted ways.  The employee took my flight information and told me that I am handling this well!  We proceeded to check on the whereabouts of my bag, and it was stated that it was in Nashville!!  I was impressed by the ease of knowing where it was just by plugging in the barcode.  My bag would be delivered to my home the next day.  What else could I do except believe it and say "ok".  Strange to leave the airport empty handed.  I was thankful this was the end of my trip, and not the beginning.  I made myself a mental note to always put an extra change of clothing in my carry on.  One never knows!

My luggage did make it to my home, special delivery the very next day.  Even before the promised time.
Another lesson in kindness.

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