Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Kindness:  a kind act

I was late.  In an airport.
Without a boarding pass.

I had learned much about this word in my retreat.  Kindness.
I know how to be kind..who doesn't?

I heard him ask someone..Do you know where a Starbucks is?  She showed him the way.  I knew the way...I had just been there myself!
No boarding pass, but I had time to get a latte for me!

Me, I ...God was talking to me and he was audible.

A man in a uniform, on Veterans Day.  An opportunity for a kind act.
I walked right past him.
"go buy him his drink.".  I kept on walking.  Really God, someone will surely buy him a drink.
"you will.". Said the voice.

I started to sweat.  But sheepishly obeyed.
I hurried to the Starbucks and said "sir, thank you for your service, may I buy your drink?"
He looked stunned and willingly let me.  He was grateful, and we parted ways.
 I will never know the power of that act, but I know I made my plane in plenty of time, and realized as I sat in my seat that I never saw a person in a uniform after that moment.  You see, one of my excuses was, " I will get the next one."

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