Monday, March 31, 2014


It is hard to put in words how I felt when I stepped on Althorp property.  For literally years, I dreamt of being here.   I fell in love with all things royal the day Diana met her prince.  Millions watched as she rode in the centuries old carriage,  smiling and waving to the crowds cheering and waving back at her as she passed by.  A Royal Wedding.  I was in junior high back then.  Couldn't wait to watch the wedding.  I believe that is when the dream began.  Someday I would travel to this enchanting land across the pond.  England.  It took awhile for the dream to come true, but it did.  I was here.  We know the fairytale didn't last, but mine was about to begin.     
This is my first glimpse.  There in between the trees.  It reminds me of when we took our children to see Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota.  "Oh, I think I saw one of its heads.  Gasp.  There it is again..."  The excitement was palpable.  And so it was for me.  I was about to step in to a legacy.  A more than 500 year old home. 
This is the front gate.  Pretty sure the security system was not there 500 years ago.  I realized immediately that I could live here!  Quaint, quiet, curtains on the windows, green grass perfectly manicured.  Yep.  I want to stay. 
I came upon this tree lined area on the grounds and pondered how many hours were spent running and playing.  Little legs weaving in and out of the trunks of these trees.   Did they fall down, dizzy?  Did they race each other up and down the middle?   I pictured  leaves rustling and crinkling in the soft breeze, happy to be a part of children's frolic.   
      Which brings me to this picture.  Walking hand in hand.    John and Yvonne.  I love these people and I love their company.   They got me here!  Drove on the wrong side of the road.  I think they saved our marriage!  (kidding of course) But I can just picture what it would have been like if my husband were driving...I never would!  Gasps that about give him a heart attack, "Look out.  Do you see that car?" "Do you know where you are going?"  Trying to get in the right lane in a roundabout, going round and round in circles.  Watching mini coopers zoom past us, laughing as they notice our angst making it very obvious that we are tourists.  My husband, in the nicest way possible, begging me to "do him a favor and try to be quiet."   As I turn on the radio and he looks at me with this "are you kidding me" look to which I think "maybe not!"  Quiet.  Yep.  It needs to be quiet. 

 I think I will park here for some weeks to come and relive Althorp.  Life is about making memories and some really great ones were made here.