Monday, April 11, 2016

A Traveler's Memoir

This past week I was given this book from a dear writer friend. She knows how much I love all things England. When she spotted the book, she snatched it up. Lucky me!  
 "We will be landing at Gatwick Airport shortly. Please make sure your seat belts are securely fastened and your carry-on luggage is stowed beneath the seat in front of you....Yes, I can see it below me. England!...."

Hooked. First chapter. Why? Because my mind immediately did a rewind back to the first time I dipped below the clouds and got my first glimpse of England. I was about to land right smack into a fairy tale. I couldn't wait. My time in the UK was  everything I dreamed it would be, plus more. Way more.

This author brilliantly portrays her adventures in that land across the pond. She writes of British accents, daffodils bending in the light breeze, and walks along the English countryside.

I'm not quite finished with the book. I'm taking my time. Maybe I will come across a nugget of information I can use on my upcoming trip back to my happy place!
Yep, I'm going back! In just a few months (67 days but who's counting!) I will board a plane. I'll watch the clouds go by and as we dip lower, I'll catch my first glimpse of the land I knew  I would one day return.

I've learned the author is from these parts where I live! Not sure if she still lives in the area, but I'd sure love to meet her!

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