Monday, April 4, 2016


HM Queen Elizabeth II "Our Queen at 90--- 2016 full documentary."

Over this past weekend, I've spent some time watching this documentary about the Queen.  I continue to be enamored with the royal family, along with  the United Kingdom. Long Live the Queen.

Perhaps the most 'influential woman in the world,' she encapsulates the essence of royalty. She is exquisite. People literally faint in her presence!  I maybe would too!   Elegant, classic, wonderful. The Queen radiates happy!   Yellows, blues, purples, whites. She has been photographed in many colors. She stands out in matching hat and dress.

She meets and greets, loves her dogs and horses, but most of all, her family. She is now the longest reigning monarch. What an accomplishment.
She leads by example.

I am certain it has not been easy to be Queen. But, she has, and continues to do it gracefully.

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