Thursday, April 14, 2016


You know you are completely out of shape when you attempt a new running program, and the whole time all you do is itch from the jiggling going on with that extra flab!  Made me want to quit the first day!
I'm not a quitter.  I finished my first run! Here's my lame attempt at a selfie after finishing! Didn't sweat much. My arm pits stayed dry! BTW, the sun was super warm. Just the way I like it!  On the trail, I managed to dodge a pile of poo, giggled as a husband and wife pedaled past on a  bicycle built for two, and  realized after the fact that  I completely ignored a 'hello' from someone I knew! Oops!  Hopefully she knew I was focused!
This is my butt kicker! I listen to the BRITISH woman motivating me through my ear buds. (Does that really surprise you? Running stinks, but its made a bit less daunting when I can at least get some reassurance from a British accent!) She tells me I'm doing great!(Clearly, she is not seeing me itch the insides of my thighs!), lets me know when I need to kick it up a notch and start jogging, and cheerfully reminds me I need to do this two more times this week before I can move on to week two!

Why am I doing this? I DON'T KNOW, except that a 5K sounds more human than a marathon! I've heard more people this past week tell me they have started training for a marathon.  That's 26.2 miles people. 26.2!  I never understood the point of the extra .2. Have these people not  heard you start seeing Jesus around mile 21?
AND, what about the  bathroom situation. What do they do when nature calls? Stop at the nearest loo? Pee their pants? thanks!

5k is sounding pretty easy now, isn't it?!  I'll keep you posted!

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