Thursday, April 7, 2016


There's a whole lot of pounding, measuring and drilling going on in the office where I work.
 It's the drilling part that makes the patients cringe the most. (Yep, it's a dental office!)
I don't blame them.

As I watch the workers peel away at the old and reshape the new, I can't help but think of books! More specifically, the one I'm writing!  Right now, it's looking downright ugly. Nothing dazzling about it. Rough. We're talking...can't tell what it is going to look like and nobody wants to read it...rough.  Lets face it--it ain't pretty!

But, little by little, a glimpse of what my story is going to look like peeks out from under the dust and the sheet rock, giving me a small glance at what it will look like when its finished. I can't wait!

(I can't wait for the office to be done, also!)  

Are you working hard at a dream? It's a slow process, but remember, "Nothing worth doing is ever easy."

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