Monday, August 22, 2016

Ordinary days

Don't you just love it when an ordinary day turns into an extraordinary one just by someone else's act of kindness?

Well, I LOVE it when that happens to me!

This past week I did an ordinary, everyday thing.
I wandered on down my driveway and went to my mailbox. Yes, its rusty. We need a new one, but that's beside the point!
I proceeded to open the box...
and something other than bills was laying there, waiting to be opened! I grabbed it quick and secretly hoped it was something for me! I ran into the house with all the mail tucked in my arms, and ripped open the bag!

I smiled big when I realized what was inside.
School is on the horizon and you know what that means? Pencils! Sharpened ones. I love the smell of new pencils. Inside the bag was a brand new box of sharpened colored pencils. Such a simple gift, but it brought back great memories from grade school for me. 
 Along with the pencils, a sealed envelope waited patiently. I unsealed it and pulled out a handwritten note. I love it when pen and ink meet paper. It's a lost art. Cursive words filled the page. Cursive. Who does that anymore?  Each word, elegantly penned. The words  gave me pause.
Have you seen these coloring books? The latest craze. Coloring books for adults!  I love it! Especially because this person thought of me and what I love...TEA! It just makes it all the more special.
I paged through it right away, deciding which design I would color first. I stopped at this one. It somehow reminded me of tea with the Dowager Countess of Grantham and Isobel Crawley from Downton Abbey.
The coloring begins!

I am thankful for this person who, in the midst of life's ups and downs in her own life, would take the time to think of me and give such a thoughtful gift.

I am so blessed. Friends and family make ordinary, extraordinary. Thank you my friend.

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