Monday, August 8, 2016

Tea week in the UK

Did you know it's National Afternoon Tea Week in the UK?

Here's a trivia question for you.          How many cups of tea do the British drink in a day? 
I'll let you steep on that for a bit.

I was spoiled on my recent holiday to England.
These two made sure I had tea any time I wanted.
 My dear England friends, Marion and Alan.

One day I asked why their tea tasted so much better than when I make it at home here in the states.
I have a tea maker,sugar cubes and cream. Somehow it doesn't taste at all the same.

They shared their secret.
A proper brew! It says so on the box! "Bringing you a proper brew!"

We made a beeline to the grocer near their home and snagged a box.
Wish we would have bought more because now I have a problem.
I only have enough for two more days!  I've been on the hunt for the liquid gold.  Some specialty store has got to have Yorkshire Tea. Here's hoping I find some soon!

Each sip has been heavenly. I think its because I bought the bags of tea in England.

And as for the tea tasting so good over there across the pond? I'm positive it's because my friends brewed it for me themselves.  A proper tea all for me whenever I asked! Now that's something to celebrate.

May you take the time this week to sit and enjoy a cup of tea every day. I know I will.

The answer to the cups of tea drank in England?

165 million! 

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