Thursday, August 11, 2016

The gift of 5 senses

Have you ever stopped to think about what a gift our senses are?

This week I got a crash course in the gift of eye sight.

I happened to be at the grocery store of all places. I grabbed a cart and quickly switched out my sunglasses for my "inside" pair.  No big deal. Take one off, put the other on.
In my haste, I jabbed my eyelid. WOW! That hurt!

With only one eye in focus, I managed to guide my cart down each aisle without crashing into anyone. I paid for the groceries, drove home, and all seemed to be fine. Denial. It works for a little while. Reality usually wins.

It wasn't long and I found myself here.
I explained what happened and the doctor assured me I did the right thing by coming in. She discussed  how quickly "blunt trauma" can happen with the simplest of tasks.

With skilled calm, the doctor tested each eye with delicate care and placed the dreaded drop in my right eye to dilate it. I waited for about 20 minutes for the liquid to do its magic. It was easy to pass the time.

You see, my doctor is pregnant! First child! We talked about lots of stuff! I asked lots of questions. (Surprise surprise!)  Questions like, "Did you have a reveal party?"

That's the big thing now. Expectant parents want to know the sex of their baby. Some go to great lengths to find out. I've heard of guests biting into cupcakes with pink or blue on the inside, balloons escaping from wrapped boxes... reveals can get pretty elaborate!
My doctor wasn't in to all that. After all, she is a doctor and when she went in for an ultrasound, it was pretty obvious there was a little boy bouncing around in her tummy! She just picked up the phone and called family and said, "Hey, guess what? We're having a baby boy!"

Back to my eye!

With my eye dilated and ready to check, she flashed a bright light and really peeked into the retina to be sure no damage was done.

To my great relief, my eye was swollen ,but not injured.
She is confident I will be fine. Whew!
All I have to do is place these drops in my eye for a few days and learn how to hook my glasses with greater accuracy!

We only get one pair of eyes. I'm so thankful for my sight. Take care of yours too!


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