Monday, November 18, 2013

Jane Austen fan

Pride and Prejudice.  Just the name makes me smile.  The era, England, tea, Mr. Darcy.  A true literary classic.  One of my favorite stories.  

Just  imagine Jane writing at her desk with a  quill pen and ink.  Such patience she must have had.  Ink blobs on the page, smearing her classic words.  I get frustrated when I lose a page,  because I keep forgetting to save my work as I type along on the keys of my computer.  The hours she must have spent penning Sense and Sensibility and Emma.  A literary genius indeed. 

I happened to see this video about Jane Austen fans and found it really neat!  Maybe because a writer friend is in it!  Julie is a historical romance author.  A very gifted writer. She is also so very kind and extremely humble.  Julie is in a pink gown toward the end of the video.   Enjoy.

Julie's website:
Julie has a new book launch  on December 12 at 7:00p.m.    If you are in the Twin Cities area, she will be signing books at the Har Mar Mall Barnes and Noble in Roseville MN. 

Which Jane Austen book is your favorite?


  1. What fun to know and involve Julie--absolutely perfect. Keep up the great blogs (so early in the morning).

  2. Hi Delores. What fun to know you too!
    I cheat actually...I am admitting that! I try to write them the night before and just push "post" in the morning! The secret is out!!
    I sure am loving this writing journey. So thankful to walk the path with you and the others.