Monday, November 25, 2013

Shopping at Harrods Department store

 Harrods is an appealing stop on the "must see" listing of sites to visit while in London.

With Black Friday right around the corner, it got me thinking about shopping.  Harrods is pretty luxurious.  They have a dress code.  I like that.  Recently I was in a coffee shop.  A girl, not more than 16,  walked in with very offensive attire.   If I were in a clothing store, I would have bought her some sweat pants...really.  Trust me.  She needed them.   She would have been asked to leave at Harrods.     
The Food Hall captivated me.  Food was brilliantly displayed in glass cases strategically placed, hooking those "just looking."  Before I knew it, I was buying a pound of truffles just because they hypnotized me with their gold wrapping! 
Smells wafting from Harrods many restaurants convinced us we were hungry even though we just ate.
Strolling through the jewelry and handbag departments, I felt like I was touring an art  exhibit.  Spotting a handbag I thought I might like, my eyes scanned the price tag.  Trying not to gasp out loud, I decided it best to keep moving and not touch a thing.  I watched in disbelief as a woman picked out a handbag and bought it right on the spot.  It fascinated me.  
The sounds of many languages could be heard throughout the store.  I tried to pick out German and Arabic, Spanish, and of course, English.  I am not sure any stores in America can compare to Harrods.  It was a rather unique experience. A memorial was also displayed showing a picture of Princess Diana and Dodi.  Dodi was the son of the owner of Harrods.  He was killed, along with Princess Diana, on that fateful day in August of 1997.
I saw a woman in Harrods.  To this day, she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.  Interestingly, I only saw her eyes and her hands.  Her olive skin mesmerized both my husband and I.  I wanted to touch her but she was surrounded by men.  They looked important.  Probably her bodyguards.  Who was she?  I will never know.  But one thing I know.     I am convinced she is what Esther must have looked like from the bible.  Absolutely stunning.                      

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  1. Ha! The joys of consumerism. Having just returned from NYC, I'm more convinced than ever that "wanting what I have" does, indeed, define happiness! Looking in all those shop windows on Madison Avenue, it's difficult not to want, want, want. But, with maturity, has come the knowledge that "too much" is a burden and that spending money - even on exquisitely beautiful items, does not make my life better. On the other hand, I just ordered a new Le Creuset skillet for myself and I'm almost beside myself with anticipation! I guess it's all about priorities :))