Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday blogging--England

 I have decided that I need to keep myself disciplined in writing, and so I am doing Monday and Thursday blogs. 
Mondays are going to be about England...Thursdays are whatever my heart desires! 
England is my happy place.  I was so blessed to have been able to travel there with my husband and our very dear close friends,  John and Yvonne. 
We had the most wonderful time.  We would not have done, nor seen,  all that we did without having them as our traveling companions.  It remains some of the most wonderful memories of my life. 
Monday blogs about England are endless.  There are authors and bed and breakfasts, churches, gardens, oh I can't wait to relive it!
I thought it obvious to start with my favorite author...CS Lewis.  I love this quote (in the picture).    We all have dreams.  Do we dare to run after them?   I may fall on my face with this writing dream, but I am having fun so far!  Had I not tried, I would not have met the most wonderful people that God has put in my path.  They are incredible writers.  I am learning so much from them.   These pictures are from a pub in Oxford, England called the Eagle and Child.  This is where CS Lewis met with his friends known as "The Inklings."  As the plaque describes...this group met and discussed the books they were writing.  I am blessed to have my own "Inkling" group.  They are called MN NICE.  A group of amazing and extremely talented people who are taking me under their wing, of which I am so grateful. 
The link if you care to take a look 
10 facts about  CS Lewis:

Born Clive Staples Lewis on November 29, 1898
Brother : Warren Hamilton Lewis, his best friend
Mother died of cancer when he was 9 years old
Wrote many books, including the Screwtape Letters and the Chronicles of Narnia
Attended Holy Trinity Church in Headington Quarry, England
Married Joy Davidman in 1956
Joy died 4 years later from cancer
The movie "Shadowlands" is about their life
CS Lewis died the same day as President JFK...Nov. 22, 1963
On Nov. 22 of this year, CS Lewis will be honored in Poets' Corner, Westminster Abbey.  It will mark the 50 year anniversary of his death. 



  1. Woo hooo! Love this blog already! I've been to England many times but never for long enough visits (is there such a thing??), so I'm looking forward to what I'll learn on Mondays. You go, girl!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. I did that trip with Robin Jones Gunn and Julee Schwarzcof [got that spelling wrong] and we had a taxi driver who was at war with the official tour people and wasn't supposed to park anywhere near the sites - esp. Lewis' house. It was hilarious! Oxford is also the setting for the wonderful Morse stories. Probably available to you on DVD. It's just an hour and a half from our home in Bedford. Canbridge one hour in the opposite direction. lucky me!

    1. What an incredible honor to have you comment! You made my week!
      You must be one of Robin Jones Gunn's sister chicks...lucky you!
      Oh to live in are blessed! So much rich history. My mind wanders back there often...maybe too much! The adventures that come our way while traveling make the trip full of fun memories. Being in a taxi in England has its own experiences...yours sounds priceless! One that quickly comes to mind for me...We were in St Paul's Cathedral. I was getting sidetracked, going places throughout the cathedral minding my own business. Someone important came up to me and said something like, "maam, you are not supposed to be in here. how did you get in here?" Huh? I just walked in!
      From then on, I was being watched until I walked out of the cathedral doors! At least they didn't kick me out!
      Thanks for the quick memory! I will be checking out the Morse stories.

  3. I love your reminiscing about our trip to England, Gail! It was very special to John and me for two reasons: it was the first big trip for John and me after we retired, and we did it with you and Dale! Perhaps its because when you go somewhere familiar with someone who hasn't been there before, you see it all through new eyes. Certainly, our trip stands out in my mind, separately from many others. It was YOU! And, of course, but for you, John would never have willingly escorted me to Althorpe. Thank you for that! I'm looking forward to your future musings with great anticipation!

    1. My heart is smiling. I just love you. What can I say...I am blessed beyond belief that you and John are in our world.

  4. Gail, I love this blog and will look forward to more posts. I'm glad you're working hard pursuing your writing dream.