Thursday, November 28, 2013

Not Fair

An American flag sluggishly hangs at half mast in front of the fire station.

 The firefighter's death has caused "emotional mass casualties" among his company.
A haze of grief hangs in the air, causing a town to call on each other for mutual aid.    Indeed, all who knew him are fully involved in disbelief.   One day he is here, and days later a procession of fire engines carries his casket to his final resting place.
The frigid temps outside cannot begin to compare to the numbing the mourners are feeling on the inside.  Their hearts are broken.   This is not fair.

It is never fair when someone dies so unexpectedly.  Somehow it seems worse when it happens days before a holiday.  A wife and two very young adult boys are hurting.  A life changing event has taken place.  A heart attack took him.    I have thought and prayed of not much else these past days.  I am so sorry.   I wish you all of God's comfort in the seconds, and hours, and weeks, and months ahead.  You have a whole town ready to tend to you as you need.   It is so very obvious he was loved.  Take great comfort in that fact. 

 I think of those I will be with on this Thanksgiving day.   Those sitting on the chairs.  May we live and eat and laugh and make beautiful memories today.  Let us all  be grateful for this day. 

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