Monday, November 11, 2013

Wells Cathedral

England is abundant with  history.  This cathedral holds many tales of bygone times.  A peaceful place, it is found in the County of Somerset, and in the City of Wells.    I remember stepping  in, and weeping.  The architecture is simply magnificent.  I had not seen anything like it.  What a gift to be a local, and be able to go there and be still with God.  Many sat in the pews in silent meditation.  Every place we wandered, I would  gaze up and down and left and right and still not see everything.  The details were high and low.  Arches and spires, a very famous clock that rings every hour, candles and carvings, stain glass and tombs.  Stories burst from every corner.  And the doors...opening one could lead down a secret passageway.  Kind of like walking through a wardrobe.      


Toothaches must have happened often while the cathedral was under construction.  Maybe inspiring this carving?  It is famously known as “toothache man.”  There are eleven like him throughout the cathedral.  Being in the dental field, I just had to take his picture!  Begs the question...what did they do  back then for an abscessed tooth?  What a great conversation piece!

This is a 40 second video.  You can hear my husband asking me what I think.  Hmmm…that is a loaded question.  I think England is a place full of legacy and much history, and I want to know it all!  We are in what is called the Chapter House.  One of many stately rooms in the cathedral. 

The sign intrigued me.  The thought of who ascended those steps made me ask all sorts of questions.  How did they get so worn?  Who walked those steps?  Did anyone fall?  Were they silent? 

Meet John and Yvonne.  They are full of life and graciousness.   We are fortunate to have them in our world.  While in England, we stayed in quaint bed and breakfasts, ate at some of the most unique pubs, and got to see what it is like to drive on the wrong side of the road from the safety of the backseat, all because of them.  Thanks for the memories.      

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