Thursday, June 11, 2015

"Just show up"

This very week one year ago,  we were in Italy.  ITALY!  I still am in awe.
I have been reminiscing about this trip all week.    I'm thankful I wrote in my journal every day, and looking at  pictures has brought back such wonderful memories.

My dear friend Yvonne gave me great advice before I left.  She said, "at the end of each day, try to remember this:

What is my one perfect/blissful moment every day?"

Here are a few of my favorites.
We were out for a stroll,  turned a corner and WOW...what a sight.  Flowers spilling from the building!  What really caught my attention is the fact that  people were totally oblivious.  Look at the picture.  Cell phones kept most from missing a perfect moment.
   Gelato...yes please!!!

  Yes.  This view really exists.  Hiking in Cinque Terre.
I loved the food  at our bed and breakfast.  I can still taste the lemon marmalade.
Classic green shutters in Cinque Terre.
The drive up to our villa in Tuscany.  Perhaps my favorite picture of all.
Or, maybe this one.
All I know for sure...the entire trip I was in a state of constant wonder.
How am I so blessed?

Have you looked back at any trips you have taken ?  You need to.  Memories last forever.

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