Monday, June 1, 2015


Over the past few weeks we have been painting, removing, and replacing.
Our living room has needed an upgrade for quite awhile now, and this month we finally got to work.
I figured out what color of white to paint the walls.  Do you have any idea how many whites there are in the color spectrum?!  LOTS!
It took some time, but I picked Antique white.   I love the results.  The carpet came last week, and over the weekend, we moved furniture around deciding what stays, and what needs to go.

I especially enjoyed hanging this picture.
It's a painting of a quaint little village home in the Cotswolds of England, given to me from dear friends.
Here is a shot of the real home in the painting.   Don't you love the door?  I stood near it!  Would have loved to enter, but it is someone's private residence!  
Across from the home, stands these lovely row of cottages.   Not your modern day neighborhood!  They are pure joy to gaze upon.  Like something out of a fairy tale.
I love that I get to enter my living room and recall a happy memory every day.  

Do you have a favorite picture that hangs in your home?

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