Monday, May 23, 2016

Another stop

Hi Ho Hi Ho, across the pond we go!

26 more days.
I'm starting to organize my suitcase. The excitement is palpable.
Meanwhile, I've done a bit of research on another place we will visit.
If you go to the UK, you must visit at least one National Trust. In short, the National Trust is an organization that preserves legacies. Magnificent homes, lovely gardens and priceless paintings all taken care of for future generations to learn history.

Chartwell is one such place.

A family man, painter, writer and statesman lived there. I didn't know he was a writer. Shame on me.
He was quoted, "It was great fun writing a book. One lived with it. It became a companion."
Such true words. He actually wrote 43 works and won the Nobel prize in literature in 1953.

He also happened to be the Prime Minister of the UK from 1940-1945 and then again in 1951-1955.
Does an image of  a cigar drooping from his mouth come to mind when you think of Winston Churchill? Yeah-me too! Smoking, indeed, is bad for your health, but the Prime Minister managed quite nicely.  He lived until he was 90! (I will still forever say not to smoke! )

There happens to be a garden in Chartwell. AND, there are swings beyond that garden. My eyes got a little wider when I read that part. Swings? There are swings?  I'm going to find those swings and if at all possible, I'm going to get on one of them,  and yes,  I am going to pump my legs and swing higher and higher!

Winston Churchill loved animals. In particular, a cat named Jock. Jock was a "marmalade coloured cat." Don't you love that description?  Jock wasn't just an ordinary orange colored cat. He was portrayed in detail. Marmalade. I love that.   I will be keeping my eye out for Jock VI. I will  snap more than a few pictures and hopefully show you his marmalade coat when I return!

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