Monday, May 9, 2016


Yesterday was Mother's Day in the USA.
I'm a mother.  I took full advantage and did what I wanted to do. Recently, I learned of a street  in St Paul, MN I  never knew existed.  Described to me in detail, I had to check it out.  Off we went!  After dodging a few bicycles and slow moving pedestrians, we found it!  The entire lane is paved in brick. No, it wasn't yellow, but wow. What a lovely alley  for an afternoon stroll.  We ambled along and paused to smell the lilacs that decorated the path.

See that golden cross reaching for the sky? Well, that is The Cathedral of St Paul. I've always wanted to peek inside, so guess what? Church was just letting out, so we sneaked in!  It was pretty glorious. So quiet. People wandering about without a peep.
Reminded me of another cathedral...
This is St Paul's Cathedral. Only its not in Minnesota, USA. To get there, you have to fly. Across the pond. To London. As in, England.
I learned so much and walked every inch of St Paul's.  After all, this was where Princess Diana was married.

While in England next month, we will be going to yet another cathedral. A really old one.

Canterbury Cathedral.

Prayers have been said for over 1400 years between its walls, and over 2000 services are annually held in the cathedral.
St. Augustine was the First Archbishop of Canterbury, arriving in Kent around 597 AD.
The cathedral was once a monastery until 1540. That's when Henry VIII closed it. He was such a bully.
Did you know there was a murder in the cathedral? Me neither! In 1170. Name was Thomas Becket. Look it up. Quite interesting.  By the way, there is another reason to call Henry VIII a bully. In 1538, he destroyed Becket's shrine. Yep. Bully!

Stained glass graces many areas within the cathedral. I can't wait to see it. I wondered how each piece is cleaned. I found this little video educational.  I think you will too.

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