Thursday, May 19, 2016

One great adventure

Imagine a front row seat to a pretty spectacular show.

Want to take a guess which one?

Wicked? Nope. Guess again.
Les Miserables? Sorry. Wrong again.
Okay, Cirque du Soleil?
All great seats. I would love to see all three, but nope. None of the above.

This  particular show is full of a very different kind of adventure.
One that keeps a mother awake a lot of nights.

A certain mother (yoohoo, pick me, pick me!)  wonders if on any given day throughout the summer months if  her son got chased by a bear, or worse---eaten by one!

Yeah, that has been my life for the past few summers.  Wondering.

My son just can't be like any ordinary kid and slide into third base playing baseball all summer long. Oh no. He decides flying into some remote lodge in the middle of nowhere (Alaska) sounds much more inviting. He has been a fly fishing guide.  He loves it.

The first year he went, bears broke into the lodge over the winter months and demolished the place.
Just what a mother wants to hear on the other end of a SAT phone. "Hey mom, bears broke into the lodge, but don't worry. I'm fine. Can't talk now. CLICK!"

Communication is like that. All summer long. I wait for the phone to ring. Then hope he catches one of us at home when he dials!  

Every morning  he wakes to the splendor of Mt. McKinley.  Tourists spend a lot of money just to catch a glimpse of that glorious mountaintop.  Clouds can sometimes hide the peek. That was our story when we were able to go to Alaska.   For our son, it was a morning ritual. Get up. Stretch. Look out his shack window (literally-shack! I've seen pictures!) and view the majesty displayed in front of him.  He never took the majestic sight for granted.

On any given day guiding in Alaska, anything is possible. From a simple walk along the river scoping out eagles soaring above, to turning a trail's corner and WHAMO! There stands  a bull moose up close and personal!

And what about those  big  furry grizzlies?  They plant themselves in the middle of a swelling river, trying to catch lunch. Salmon jump just out of the grip of those razor sharp claws, only to tempt fate again and end up in the belly of that hungry bear.  Now there is a theatrical show to be sure!
I'm told there are bear stories. I just don't want to know. It's that time of year again. He may be going back. Those dramatic stories would only make me worry!

I thought you might enjoy a little peek of what he experiences there in Alaska.

Click on the link!  He shows  up in the video around 1:48.

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