Monday, May 2, 2016


One of  the most enjoyable events while on holiday is eating! Finding the perfect pub is part of the fun.
 We stumbled upon this well frequented restaurant on our first day in England those years ago now. The blooming flower arrangements first caught my eye. When my jet lagged body caught up, I scanned the signboard across the front and  knew we had arrived!   We ordered up a few beers and had our first taste of fish and chips. (For the record, hubby ate the fish and I ate the chips! )  
I love the pub signs. Not only is the building full of charm, but so are the names.
I can always stop for ice cream!
Quaint is how I would describe this pub. It felt as though I was walking into a pal's living space. I loved this one perhaps the most, because I can still taste the most amazing strawberry meringue I have ever had. Ever.

On my upcoming trip, I know for sure of  one eatery we will gather at while on holiday in Kent. I've already perused the menu. Yes. Excited would be an understatement. I just want to walk the grounds.
Want to peek yourself? Click the link below.

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