Thursday, May 5, 2016


As the world waits for autopsy results surrounding the death of Prince, I remain perplexed.

Not that it matters one bit what I think, but it does make me scratch my head and wonder.

What is it that baffles me?

HE DIDN'T HAVE A WILL.  As I write that, I am shaking my head.

I'm no rock star, nor am I fabulously wealthy, but even I have a will.   Don't you?  Shouldn't everyone?

Especially Prince.  I can't be 100% positive, but I'm pretty sure he was rich. Like, really rich. Really, really rich.  Good for him. No matter if you liked his music or not, you have to admit he was talented. All those instruments he played...WOW. Talent with a capital T!!

Maybe he didn't care about the money. But, he had to.  At least enough to be able to fly privately. That takes money. Lots of it.

I've had a few interesting conversations concerning  this subject and the general consensus is, at the very least, those surrounding him should have given better advice.  At least to be able to keep his estate out of the courts. Fine, he didn't have kids to pass along the legacy,  but WOW--I'm thinking he could have easily made sure it ALL went to the charities of his choosing.

Seems such a waste  it will be tied up for years to come.
Have a favorite Prince song? I'm partial to When Doves Cry. What can I say---I'm an 80's fan!

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