Monday, October 15, 2018

One more stop

One more stop before Highclere, but first...

***********BREAKING NEWS!*********************

Have you heard? Meghan and Harry are having a baby! Oh how I wish Princess Diana could be here.

And did you watch the wedding of Princess Eugenie? Didn't you love her dress? I especially thought it was so wonderful that she proudly showed off her scar from having had surgery to treat scoliosis.

I remember having to be checked for scoliosis in school. A vivid memory of having to bend over as the nurse checked to see if my back was in alignment. Interesting what triggers our memory. Such a lovely nod to those charities and hospitals that help treat the medical condition.

As the guests held their hats due to windy conditions outside St George's Chapel, I found myself surveying the grounds, hoping the camera would scan the crowds and the buildings surrounding the castle. It's always so fun to see the exact spots where I walked just a few months ago.
The steps of St George's Chapel.
It's smaller than it appears on TV.
The Chapel.
See that small entry over to the left? That's where Meghan entered and the world got their first glimpse of her dress as she exited the vehicle and walked up the steps to the chapel. 

Princess Eugenie paraded up the same steps to meet her prince.
(More on the Chapel in a later post!)

Off to Bampton.
You'll recognize some of these sites if you are a fan at all of Downton!
Remember Debbie, our tour guide?  Here she is familiarizing us with the village.
Recognize this?
If you guessed  Isobel Crawley's house, you'd be correct!
Remember the scenes with her and the Dowager? They made the best characters. I loved their zingers! 
The church hosted many scenes throughout the series.
Weddings, funerals, and even a jilting at the altar!
I never tired of ambling through the churchyards in England. If markers could talk...

I can see why Bampton was picked for the village scenes. It's a lovely place of which I could easily be found in my mature years of life!


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