Monday, October 1, 2018

Tree Farm

Oh the joy of reliving my enchanting holiday across the pond.
I was going to just give you a rough outline of the trip, but that would never do. Selfishly, I want to go back and remember it all.

So, lets do it again, shall we?!

Our second day in the UK was a most brilliant one. We took a tour of set locations for Downton Abbey.

Today I bring you to Yew Tree Farm. Remember the place?
It was where Marigold, Lady Edith's illegitimate daughter, was being brought up.

Mr Drewe was the tenant farmer here at the fictional Yew Tree Farm.
But, in real life, the name of the farm is Cogges.
There are chickens and pigs and horses, oh my!
Most of the farm scenes took place in series 4 and also series 5 on the show. The scene (in this case, the farm) is just as much a character as Bates or Lady Edith. Being there, it was easy to pretend I was back in time.     
I ambled around, pinching myself to make sure it all was real.  I loved every single minute of this day. We had plenty of time to see the entire farm. I didn't feel rushed at all.
Don't you love the sandstone of the Cotswolds? Those lucky Brits get to see the Cotswolds whenever they decide its time to go for a drive in the country. Oh, to live there. Perhaps one day I will!
Doesn't it make you just anticipate the movie? I can't wait!
This is Debbie. She was so much fun. A very talented tour guide. She knew her stuff! We watched a bit of a movie that gave us little tidbits about the farm and also Highclere.
Me and Debbie.
I can still hear her saying, "Brilliant!" That's one thing I love about England. The accents!

"Come and have a look!" Debbie said that to me ALOT! I think we could be pals. much fun.

I'm off to listen to the theme song now. Next stop, Highclere!

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