Thursday, October 25, 2018

Playing the odds

Did you know swimming with sharks is safer than petting a dog, driving a car, or sleeping in your own bed?
Who knew?
Lottery frenzy was crazy this week here in the states. Almost a billion dollars was at stake. I think everyone gave in to the madness and coughed up the $2 to play the odds. I mean, someone's gotta win, right?

And someone did win. It just wasn't me! Or likely, you.
The fact is, your odds of falling out of your own bed and dying are better than winning the lottery. I know. Depressing, huh? Getting mauled by a dog, or dying of a bee sting are also on the list.

So, why do we do it? Why do we think we're the ones that will win big? 
The short answer is ...Why not? What do we have to lose? I can think of a lot worse things to spend $2 on.
The problem is when we trick ourselves into thinking we will win the next time and the next and the next, and pretty soon we've got a gambling issue. But, for the sake of this post, lets just say we only spent $2, shall we? 

Why did I play?
It's  kind of fun to think of all the possibilities, don't you think? What would I do with all that money?

Well, for starters, I would give a significant amount to my siblings and then tell them to never ask me for money again!! 
I have plenty of charities I would give the money to, and of course, I would help my children. 

But after thinking about all the things money can buy, I really started digging deep. 
What can't money buy? Turns out, lots of things.

Friendships. The deep ones. The real ones.
A rich marriage
Finishing a manuscript
Quality relationships with family

The list goes on and on.
I'll keep my life, thank you very much.

Will I buy a $2 ticket if the lottery gets to a billion again? If I'm honest, probably.

The reminder of what's really important is worth it.


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