Monday, February 11, 2013

A beautiful day skiing

Cross country skiing in the State Park is much more recreational than in the field across from our home.  These trails are groomed and the scenery is a sight to behold.   I fell just twice!  Kind of scary actually.  Felt like I was downhill skiing at one point! 
I am quite sure we were entertainment for the wildlife!  I can just imagine the squirrels and the deer snickering and pointing to their many wildlife peers stating, "look at the person taking a nosedive, spread eagle on the hill.  I'm pretty sure she didn't try to do that..ha ha." 

We saw many deer, including the one that we saw hobble away with a broken leg.  Sigh.  
I never tire of seeing eagles soar.  Such grace.  What a wing span. 

I, well maybe not so much me...ok my husband, am trying to understand techy stuff.  He has figured out pictures, so that is fun.  Now I can put some on my blog now and then.  Only when he can help me! 

It was a fun afternoon.  A bit chilly, but what can I expect.  It is winter!

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