Monday, February 4, 2013


For the first time ever, I blew snow today!
Pathetic isn't it?
I have done it the old fashioned scoop at a time, hurting my back, and making my arms ache after the strenuous work of throwing the snow over my head into a heap away from the driveway.
My husband started the blower and was mowing down the snow that had piled during the night.  Didn't look like much, but when you are actually out there, the snow was quite a mass.

I had taken my time bundling myself to look like an eskimo.  I waddled out to the driveway ready to conquer the front steps with the shovel.  He just laughed and continued making his way down the driveway.
There seems to be a right way to clean off a driveway, including the way one shovels it, and it was apparent I was not meeting the standards!  Imagine my surprise when he asks if I want to snowblow!
Why I got a quick lesson and off I went.  Full speed ahead I went with snow blowing into my face.  Why wasn't this happening to him?
He came to my rescue, much to my dismay.  He gave me the quick lesson...I wanted to do it myself.  The machine was smarter than I, and if this was ever going to get done, I had to lay down my pride and listen to him and figure this out.
Did you know there is a gadget on the blower that shoots the snow from one side to the other?  Ha!  The things I learn!  It matters what side the snow shoots from.  Of course, I was making more work for myself because it was shooting in my face, and not away from the driveway.  Ugh.

By now I looked like the eskimos!  I regrouped, and started to get the hang of it.  It would have gotten done much more rapid if he would have finished, but I think I was good entertainment!

I have a new respect for all those times he did it without me!
Thanks honey!

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