Sunday, February 24, 2013

an Oscar winning night

The Oscar goes to.....

I must admit that I have no idea who is up for what show, best picture, best actor, etc.
This Hollywood night has never intrigued me enough to watch who wins what.  
Even more so, who is wearing the best and the worst gowns.  

I would say the Oscar goes tonight to the Creator of Heaven and Earth.  I, along with my hubby, just got back from a moonlit ski across the fields outside our back door.  Wow, what a show.  The moon was bright, easily lighting the trail we had blazed a few days ago.  Too many to count, the stars came out lighting the sky twinkling like diamonds.  
We breathed in the cool, calm air of this perfect night.  Sleep will come easy tonight.  Fresh air does that.  
I was a little freaked when we started out, as I saw a creature up the hill, running across the field.  It didn't help that my hubby proceeds to tell me, "just remember I can ski faster than you can!"  NICE.  
Was it a coyote, a fox, or a figment of my imagination?  I know I saw something!  The tracks were there to prove it.
It is on nights like these I am grateful I live here where we can enjoy this season of winter.  A season of such wonder.  The moon, the stars, the snow, animals at play making us guess what they are by leaving clues...their tracks.

Yes, an Oscar kind of night.    



  1. Sounds like a fabulous jaunt, Gail.

    And you are spot on that the Oscar goes to God, not the latest "it" movie star. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Just the notion of a moonlit cross-country ski trip is mesmerizing, but then add the gift of a mysterious wildlife visit...just wow!