Saturday, February 9, 2013

A chance encounter

Looking around the venue, I internally said to myself, "surely in a crowd this size there must be someone here that I know."
I disregarded the comment and enjoyed the advertisements on the big screeens.
Soon the concert began.  It was all I expected it to be...worshipful, glorifying, and powerful music.  A little on the resounding side, but excellent.

Enter intermission.

There she was.  Out of nowhere.  She had spotted us first.  I instantly recognized her.  We embraced, overjoyed to see each other.  It had been years.  What was it..12-13 years?
She looked the same.  The stunning, hair stylin', dear friend from bygone days.  We spoke, eager to know how the other was and what was new in our lives.
We swapped information, and are desirous to rekindle this friendship.

Still am a bit in disbelief this morning that we saw each other.  Seems imaginary!

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