Monday, February 18, 2013

Amazing Race

It is true.
I love the Amazing Race!
I think it is the travel.  Some of the places in this world are simply breathtaking, and the lucky contenders of this show get to see some wonders of the world indeed.

This season started last night.
First place they flew to...Bora Bora.  WOW.  The white sands, the blue green waters...simply heavenly.
They get off the plane and are greeted by the locals with beautiful leis.  I remember the intoxicating smell of the lei when we arrived in Hawaii years ago.  What a welcome!

Their first detour was to jump out of a perfectly good helicopter!  Whew!  Glad it is not me!
When that thrill was done, the partner that did not have to jump, had to do the next task.  Bummer for them as there were about 400 sand castles with the next clue under one of them.
The goal was to dig for it, and if you don't find it, you have to make the sand castle over again before going to the next one!
Seems easy enough, until the sun bakes you like a lobster!  Hour after hour the complaining began and the task just got more daunting as more of the teams showed up.  Even more frustrating is when one team is there for hours and the hockey players show up and find the clue quickly!  It is all about luck and not a whole lot of strategy in these tasks.
Anyone can win, and anyone can lose!
You can say all you want that you are going to win, but you never know what is ahead!

There are express passes up for grabs during this leg of the race.  First one to the mat gets not only one express pass, but two.  What a great place to be in to finish first.  The show has twists and turns.
Do you be nice or play the game to win one million dollars?

Lots of different personalities in this season.  I think the show teaches perseverance and patience.  A bit of anger management also!  
It is mindless entertainment!  One hour a week of my time to wonder if I could do this race!
I like it!
My team was going to be the firefighters, but they have been eliminated.
There are hockey players, rednecks, working moms, newlyweds, father and son, dating couple, OBGYN twin brothers, best friends, utube sensations, and country singers.
Hmmmm...I know my boss is going for the hockey players, so won't pick them!
My team will be....
The father and son.

Both have battled cancer.  Just sounds like a story I would like!
Root for the father and son team!!

First to the mat were the dating couple.  Jessica and Jon.  They now are the proud owners of the 2 express passes.
Who will be eliminated next?  Don't you just love Phil?!

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