Thursday, February 28, 2013

week 2 of Amazing Race

Another team gets eliminated.  The doctors water plight put them at the end of the pack.  We sat perplexed as we watched their obvious fear of the water.  Amazing how our fears can get the best of us.
Some of us thrive in the water, clearly others don't.  It was, however, inspiring to watch them get through the detour, albeit switching tasks, but getting through it.
The task was to dive down and grab some shells, looking for the two with the red pearl in it.
Easy if you love the water.  Some finished quickly.
The other task was to put on a scuba gear hood of sorts, and find a trunk beneath the water.   In it is a display for a picnic...complete with table cloth, glasses, plates, etc.  The task was to simply set your table under the sea, and then a butler will swim over and present your next clue.
What fun frolicing under the ocean.

From there, off to the next task by jet ski.  I would be happier than a lark right about then!
To be the first to the mat, they had to walk on stilts, "kicking" a coconut across the finish line!

My team, the father and son, were not first!  They made a common mistake early on...they did not read the whole clue.  It put them behind, but managed to get to the mat near the top.  However, running to the mat somehow caused the father to tear something in his leg.  Tremendous pain ensued, and time will tell if they are out of the race.

Lessons I detected on this leg of the race:    1)   fear  2) persevering inspite of those fears.
3) The joy of simply being in the water, God has given us all things for us to enjoy.  He made it for us.
 4) Reading all of the instructions first!
5) Things can happen quickly.  Some things are just out of our control.

Who will be eliminated next?

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