Sunday, February 10, 2013


Snow is falling.  This may be one for the record books if you believe the weather man.
But, who cares.
We are all safe and these are great days to write!  Days to clean out closets, play board games nestled by the fireplace...aahhh winter.  The trees are creating their own canvas of art with the snow falling gently on their limbs.  I get to watch this work of art in progress from the view inside my front window.
Our yard is covered in a blanket of white, getting thicker by the hour.  My rose bushes are barely visible.  They are asleep for now, but in a few months, they will spring from their winter slumber.
Yesterday we went out cross country skiing.  After falling a few times, I got the hang of it, and remembered what a recreational thing skiing is to do.  We vowed that this will be our entertainment as much as we possibly can go.  It is great exercise as well.

We picked up our son at the bus station at the Mall of America.  No contentment there!  Very alive place!  We scooped him up and got out of the commotion.  No "hello", "nice to see you..."  Nope...first words out of his mouth..."I'm hungry."
His pick was "Bdubs."  Translation=Buffalo Wild Wings.
Ugh...NOT my favorite, but it was about him so that is where we went.  Says he doesn't go there much.  After acquiring the check, we can see why!
For one night, I had both of my kids under one roof...mine!
Today he took the van back up to school, leaving early..thank goodness.  Arrived safely back at his house.
  This mother...CONTENT!

Receiving an email from a favorite author...there are no words, but contentment could be one of them!  Wow.  It is a good weekend.  

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