Friday, February 15, 2013

Getting a letter

A real letter.  Remember those?

I went to my mailbox.  Not the email box on your computer.  The one at the end of your driveway, or perhaps a post office box.  The semi shaped box with the red flag that is placed in the "up" position to indicate to the postman that "he's got mail,"  to which he puts the flag down to be your indicator that "you've got mail."

I had mail.  The best kind of mail.  The pleasing to the eye kind.  My name composed across the front of the envelope, return address of a far off state letting me know that this was indeed delightful mail.  The mail that makes me hurry to get inside, get settled by the fireplace with some tea and drink in all that this letter was going to tell me.  
Real paper that I could touch, with real ink and real hands taking the time to invest in writing to me...just me.  Not a whole address of people that will get an email with the push of the button.
No work there.  Technology has its place indeed.

I love writing those letters, but I was reminded today of how splendid it really is to be on the receiving end.
I've read the letter now twice enjoying the picture on the front of a location that looks worthy of seeing someday.  More captivating is the way in which the letter was written....on the back of old tickets to Disneyland!!  She is so clever!  Try to do that with email!
This one will stay in my "keep" box.

Go ahead.  Handwrite that letter!

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