Tuesday, September 24, 2013


What a creepy feeling. 
Here I am minding my own business when out of the corner of my eye, there it is. 
Its little bb looking eyes staring at me, daring me to catch it. 
"Oh, don't worry you little rodent, I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole."
I don't know what is more creepy...the eyes or that long disgusting tail. 

It ran around my den, turning at each corner of the room.  It hid behind my bookshelf.  Ugh...the thought of that thing behind there is making my skin crawl. 
I YELL for my husband.  You would think something earth shattering happened.  To me, it did. 
This menacing little creature just wrecked my evening. 
I wasn't planning on playing mouse trap for the evening.  Right now, I would definitely settle for the children's game...hands down. 
Nor do I like the fact that now I have to disinfect  my den!
My husband shut the door and somehow (don't want to know) got the mouse.  He opened the door with a piece of paper between his finger and the tail of that nasty varmint.  Ick. 

He said to me, "you know that if there is one, there is more."
Great.  There goes sleep tonight. 

Bring on the mouse traps.  Tis the time of year. 


Saturday, September 21, 2013


Anticipation was getting the best of me so I had to make a phone call.
My order was taking too long. 

They normally send  my labels and other things I simply can't live without, in an efficient manner.    
It had been over a month. 

Making the phone call, I kindly stated that my order had not been received.   
"Kind" is not the word I would describe of the person on the other end of the line. 
I told of the fact that my bank statement told of my check being cashed, as she told me that simply could not be the case because I hadn't placed an order in months...hmmmm.

"I need to put you on hold," was quickly barked at me and before I knew it,  I was listening to elevator music interrupted every minute with the recorded message:  "we are experiencing more than normal traffic on our lines.  Someone will be with you momentarily."

After several moments and drifting somewhat into a haze due to the music being funneled into my ear, another voice appeared. 
No, "how are you? how can I help you?"  Just right to the facts maam. 
"I will need the date you say your bank cashed this check, your check number, and the amount."

Thank goodness for a fast wifi at my home!  I clicked it right away and gave the information.  I also stated that "there was a number on my check and would you like that."
As soon as I gave her that number, the voice changed.  Just like magic.  And instantaneously!  Wow.
She had to tell me that my order was in someone else's hands in Colorado.  Labels (pretty cute ones at that), and also some cards. 
Cards that the poor lady had to tell me were no longer available.

My dilemma. 
I could get nasty.

After all, they were late with my order, basically accused me that I could not have possibly even sent them an order, and now I am told that someone in Colorado has my cute labels with MY address on them...who would want that?...AND this person also got those cute cards that are no longer in stock!
I could ask for it all free for all the inconvenience.
Who knows what kind of day this person was having.  By the volume of phone calls, it was probably not a stellar day.  I could hear it in her voice that she was just waiting for me to start spewing obscenities her way,  and vomiting out ways that the company had failed. 

So, BETTER idea. 
Be nicer than I had to be. 
I chose a different set of cards...not near as good as the ones I had ordered...sigh...but they would do. 
I was told that this order would be rushed. 

I received this order yesterday. 
It was what I had ordered.  Nothing less, nothing more. 
But, I was reminded again of that person I had spoken to and hoped and prayed she was having a good day. 
I had a great memory too.  I could go about my day knowing that I did not contribute to that woman having a bad day.  Actually I hope I made it better by affirming to her that yes, the order was wrong, but it was indeed that..."just an order."  Labels and cards.  Is it worth getting bent out of shape for?

I think not.   




Monday, September 9, 2013


Had my eyes checked today.
It was my first time.
No good excuse.  Just never have gone in.

We walked into the building and to the nearest elevator.  A gentleman waited with Dale and I.  Funny how we are creatures of habit and walk into the elevator, turn, and face the doors. No talking, just looking at the doors in front of us, as if staring at them is going to make them open faster.  Kind of like waiting for water to boil.
Relieved, the doors open.  The gentleman states, "After you," to me.  Chivalry is still alive!

Entering the office, we are greeted by the front desk lady..."patient administrator."  I guess that sounds more professional than my label.
After giving insurance info and filling out forms, it was time for the visit.
Following the nurse into the exam room, questions were answered and the room went dim.
I was asked to read the line that i could most identify.  My perfection ways went into high gear and i was determined to read the most teensy line.
"Did i get it?"
"You did good," was her reply.
She proceeds to tell me that my eyes are going to be dilated for a few hours.
"What does that mean," was my query.

"The lights will be extra bright and going outside will be a challenge for your eyes," she stated.

"So, why is it that i am doing this?" i curiously asked.
"The dr needs to look in your eyes."
She then tells me, "I have to put these drops in your eyes now."
"What drops?" "and will it hurt my eyes?" I was getting panicked.

Made me think of patients in our office and their look of terror  when told they have decay on their tooth.
Teeth are one thing, but wow, these are my eyes.  I only have 2.  We have 32 teeth...28 if wisdom teeth are gone.
2 eyes.  These wonderfully made organs help me see. SEE.  That wonderful sense to gaze into my husband's eyes, and behold my children's faces, and spot eagles soaring in the skies, and be a leaf peeper in this brilliant, autumn season with the colors ablaze.

Whether i liked it or not, the drops were going in.    "Keep blinking, the sting will go away faster." I blinked as fast as a bird flaps its wings.
Soon the brightness intensified.  I had to wear sunglasses inside.  The dr soon entered.  I could barely see his face.
He ran some tests, and told me my vision was excellent...Really?  Not by side of things!
He did tell me that readers were in my future...the future is now buddy!  "I already have them."  I told him.

The miracle of sight.  I get to read and behold this great creation.  May i never again take that for granted.