Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Birthday Aunt Lil and Me

I share this day with my Aunt Lil.  My dad's sister.  I have always felt special to have this day with her.  My dad always thought it splendid also.
My day has been fabulous.
I woke to a tower of my favorite pepsi with a red bow on top.

I have received emails and texts and letters oh my!
Turning 45 isn't quite so bad!

Eating lots of junk...tomorrow starts a new year!!
I love my life!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

the cake lady

I had to laugh right now as I am looking up the definition of a glutton:  one who eats greedily or too much (he's such a glutton that he ate the whole cake.)  It really does say that!

We were given 2 cakes today.  And no, we did not eat the whole thing!  Tempting, but we held back.

The cake lady makes the best cakes we have ever had.  It is true.  Better than Cake Boss.  No lie.
She is generous and kind and loving and charitable and every other great word in the english language.
The cakes she makes are imaginative, original, and ingenious.  They are a site to behold.  You just look long and hard at them with your mouth gaped a child who has just seen Mickey in DisneyWorld.
That is how I visualize the child in a shelter receiving one of her cakes.  She makes cakes for kids that are with their families in a transitional place.  She makes them birthday cakes.  Can you imagine being that child?  The wonder in their this for me?  And then actually having that cake all for themselves?  A gift that they will likely remember for a lifetime.  That one cake making them feel special.  It can prove to be lifechanging.

We called our son and asked, "so, guess what we are sending you?"  (he is in college.)
Care packages mean a lot!
He says, "can't guess, but guess where I am?"
Now I can't guess!
"I am on a chairlift ready to get off and ski!"
I then told him that we were sending him some of Yvonne's cake...he almost fell off the chairlift!!

Told ya the cakes were awesome!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Honest Abe

Abraham Lincoln is on the five dollar bill.

I stopped for my weekly dose of chai tea.

I handed the barista the bill,  to which she shot back the most confused look...baffled was more like it.
One would think I handed her a yen or a peso...maybe a pound or a shilling!

Cash.  Yep.  Cash.  No credit card to swipe.  Just plain cash.
She seemed to be sweating and handed me $2.86 in return.  An obvious guess.  Is that right?  She asked.
I really wanted to say "really?"...and maybe a handful of other choice declarations, but retreated.  She really did not know, which is quite frankly, frightening to me.

I could have just taken the money, but like Abraham Lincoln, I am too honest.
With all the kindness, and maybe a bit of sympathy I could muster, I told her the amount to give back to me without making her feel too obtuse.

My change=$1.84.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hardwood floors

The correlation between hardwood floors and life is hard to overlook.

We found ourselves at first, fancying the idea of putting in the floors in our home.  It looked pretty clearcut and straightforward, so we naively went ahead.
At first, it was great fun.
Picking out which wood we would be using was eyeopening.  There are so many to choose from.
We decided on hickory.  We brought it home and started laying out the pieces.  Each piece fits, but you have to be careful to not let the splices come together.  Every piece was just a bit different from the previous.  Some had cracks, actual holes, black spots, and broken portions that simply could not be used.  Others just needed to be sanded and smoothed.  The arduous work had begun.
We realized that the right tools are essential in completing this task correctly.  The nailer is not going to work without nails!

Piece by piece, we started to see the reward of perseverance.
When the floor was finally complete, we saw more than the sublime floor.  We saw followthrough.
A feeling of accomplishment because there were times when we thought it better to quit and get someone else to do it.  We stuck it out, pounding and fitting the edges so they would go together.  We didn't know exactly how, but knew it would come together in the end.

Life is like that.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I've got a busted heart.

The giants of life are supposed to be beating on someone elses door.
Facing the Giants is a movie...not real life.

I wish I could say that it was fictitious, a dream, not real.

But it is real.  My dear friend and her family are now facing a giant.  A big, scary one.
My friend's son in law is ready for the fight.  He has his stones and will nail the giant in the head.
Quite literally, as this is brain cancer.

Please join me in praying for strength and the peace that passes understanding.
Follow his story on caring bridge.
The site is his name...josh tovar

Again, please pray.  He is a young, strong, healthy husband and father who has his shield of faith and a whole army of people praying.  It is all in God's hands.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

a sermon

His jovial laugh could be heard throughout the local diner.  His companions were clearly being entertained.
We picked a booth in the heart of this merry bunch.  Four older couples just out for a Sunday meal, dressed in their Sunday jackets and dresspants.  No dresses worn today.  Much too frigid for that.  Today comfort was the dresscode.  The thermometer read -4.

Women on one end of the table, men on the other, they spoke of the weather, the sermon, and the goings on of their past week.  The conversation continued throughout the meal without the slightest pause.
They were filling their physical bodies with bottomless cups of coffee and breakfast goodies, but more importantly, they were emotionally being filled to capacity and overflowing with the human need for personal contact.  The eye contact, face to face kind, passing the syrup having real conversations...laughing and sometimes seriously, discussing life with friends who clearly enjoyed each others company.
When it was time to say farewell, the next assembly was being planned.  A superbowl party at one of the homes.
Intentional, deliberate planning to be together.
A wise group of supporters, advocating and defending friendship.

A visual sermon indeed.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Still can't help but be inspired by this boy...

Google zach sobiech.  Look at his song "clouds."
Read about his life on caring bridge.  Just type in his name.

Inspired you will be.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Old people fascinate me.

Wisdom oozes from their every pore.

Conversing with them is like opening a history book.
Their wrinkles came from worries of sickness and world wars.  Their Pearl Harbor was our 9/11.
They remember it like yesterday.  Imagine the horror or running to the basement and looking out an upstairs window and seeing the silhouette of a japanese fighter pilot...or wondering if a child will die from polio or scarlet fever.
Will they have enough food to feed their children?
No microwaves, or megastores, dishwashers, or indoor plumbing.  Most depend on their faith in God, the creator of the universe, for their daily bread and claim those days to indeed be "the good ole days."

One of my favorite "old people" is someone who "adopted" me after learning my parents are both deceased.  I was ordered to get some water.  I curiously obliged.  I handed the glass to her to which she proceeded to throw in my face.  REally.  She did!  The elderly can do whatever they want!
She told me I was now officially her adopted child, and I look forward to receiving her birthday cards in the mail, handwritten, every year.  The thought of her makes me smile.

I want to be one of those old people some day...and I want to be worthy of every one of those wrinkles.

Friday, January 11, 2013


the year has surely started out eventful.  Maybe not favorably eventful in all ways, but none the less, eventful.

We buried my uncle.  Eventful.

A somber occurrence it was.  I am still processing all that.  But, I will say, there were some comical moments.
"Does anyone have a toothbrush?  I forgot mine."   or
the epic larger than life question.."does anyone have a shirt I can borrow?  I forgot my suit at home!"
deciding to sleep on the couch instead of taking a bunk in the room with 3 larger than life man cousins whose soul goal in life is to one up the others in the gas business if you catch my drift!
Humor.  It is good for the soul.

Being treated for pneumonia.  Eventful.

I had to look up how to spell it!  Sounds like "newmoanya" to me!
Staring at the same four walls is getting old.  The treatment is actually pretty effortless.  Antibiotics and rest.  I am at the antsy stage. I think I have coughed every ailing droplet out of my lungs.  My chest is feeling more like a monkey is sitting on it now, instead of an elephant.  These antibiotics are wonder drugs.  They are the cure.  Now if there were a cure for their side effects!!
Hope all of you are well rested and not getting any bugs.

Happy Birthday Dale(my husband).  Eventful.

Today 1-11...a gem was born.  He left with our kids to a motorcycle show.  I think they will have more fun without me.  Carrot cake-his favorite.
There is so much I can say about this husband of mine on his birthday.  I will leave it at ..he is a gem, noone better, awesome husband, amazing father.  Full of integrity and all that is good.  I love you.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year

There are many things that inspire me.  This is no exception.

There is a young man who lives not far from where I live.
He has become a Utube sensation.  He has not long to live.  But, with the time he has, he is leaving quite the legacy.  His parents are, I am quite sure, very proud.  He is living..truly living.
Watching his video..."Clouds" by Zach a great way to start your New Year.
Just google his name.  You will be inspired.