Thursday, January 30, 2014


My drive home tonight was so much easier than going in. 
We woke to snow falling AGAIN!

No time to shovel.  Just get on the road.  So I gave my car some gas, and plowed my way out of the driveway!
It was a slow commute.  What usually takes about 35 minutes, turned in to 2 hours and 15 minutes!  I made my way on to the interstate and kept both hands on the wheel. 
I was doing about  35 miles an hour.  Not bad for these conditions.  None the less, it must have been slow because others were passing me!  Never mind them...I just kept my head forward and kept my distance.  Not soon after, I saw one of those cars in the ditch.  Bummer.  I kept my speed slow the whole way! 
Soon, my windshield wiper wasn't wiping any more!  I was off the interstate by then, and had to pull over and wipe the ice that had built up.
I thought I would never get to work! 
Tales were told all day of seeing accidents and driving slow.

Another day living in the tundra!  Call me crazy, but I still love it.  As long as no one gets hurt, its all good.  This snow will be perfect to go snowshoeing.  Where else can you build a snowman, cross country ski, downhill ski, snowmobile, plow your driveway with a 4wheeler, have fun getting all the snow out of your tire flaps.  I love that.  Nothing like chipping away at those "snow bunnies" and it falls in one big chunk! 
We get to wear funny hats and mittens.  I usually go through a couple pairs...I somehow manage to lose one of them with ease!

And the best thing is....the BUGS DIE!  Too cold for them!  No mosquitoes.  Gotta love that! 


Monday, January 27, 2014

In need of some greenery!

Ok.  Enough already.  It is -15 outside.  The weather guide states that it feels like it is -35.

I need to see some greens! 
We took lots of pictures of flowers while in England.  Here is a peek.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Could have been embarrassing!

As I drove into the development, it was easy to see where the party was...or so I thought.  I had not been here before. 

It all looked so enchanting with the lights on the trees and the evergreen branches drooping from the weight of the snow.    Mercedes, Audis and other choice vehicles crowded the neighborhood road.  I questioned it, but dismissed it quickly.     I was excited as I stepped out of my car and made my way to the driveway.  
I saw the illuminated numbers on the brick mailbox.  "What was the address again?"   I questioned it,  but dismissed it quickly.    I kept on walking.  Up the driveway I paraded, looking forward to an enjoyable evening with friends. 
Out of nowhere a woman appeared.  It was dark and hard to recognize her.  She looked at me and said, "Oh, someone I don't know.  What is your name?  We can walk in together if you don't mind.  I just started not too long ago and don't know everyone that well."
 I started questioning now!!   I then asked her, "Is this the so and so residence?" To which she replied, "No, it is the so and so residence.  It is a retirement party."
Light bulb switched on for me...I was at the wrong house!!!!  

Great WHAT IF question!  What if I would have just walked in and did not know anyone there?  It looked as if it was a formal attire night too!!!  Boy, would I have turned many shades of red! 
The house I was looking for was the next one down.  How often does that happen...same night for a party at houses right next to each other!!!

So, have you ever had anything that you did that was embarrassing, or could have been?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014


 During the cover of night, Jack Frost had left quite a footprint over the land.  More than 5 inches of snow had fallen, throwing off the morning routine.  Equipping myself with the right gear...mittens, a hat, snow pants, boots, and a warm jacket, I was ready for battle.  Armed with my shovel, I ventured out into the cold and windy morning to start the daunting task of clearing out our driveway. 
My eyes peered out over my scarf.   This was not going to be easy.  There was a lot of snow.  But I was determined.    Scoop by scoop, I was gaining ground.   
Soon, I could even see the black top. I had created a path all by myself.  After what seemed to be an hour, I was getting pooped.  The wind was howling, and the snow was starting to drift back over what I had already accomplished.  I was starting to get exhausted and a hint of discouragement was settling in.  I needed some help. 
Out came my daughter on the 4 wheeler.  Yippee!  I just needed another tool, and she was it.  I was extremely grateful.  It took some doing, but soon we saw more of the driveway cleared!  Step by step, it was getting done. Before long, the winds started dampening her elation.  It was hard for her to see as the snow was blowing in her face.  Cold settled in and she had to take a break.  But not before becoming deflated as she saw the plow coming down the road, leaving a huge bank of snow at the end of the driveway, wiping away all the work she had just done. 
Watching from inside the garage, I had this epiphany.  Writing is a lot like shoveling a driveway.  Starting out with a blank page, the words have to come.  There is a whole novel that needs to be written,  and the only way it is going to happen is to chip away at it, scoop by scoop.   I start out ready with my tools.  I have the idea and the scenes and it all seems so clear.  I am so excited and I quickly scoop out a page, and then the next.  I see words and the count is adding up.  Progress.  But, then it starts getting heavy and it is hard to find the words.  Throwing words around, my fingers are weary.  Help would be nice.  Then a blog or an email from a friend boosts my confidence and I am assured to carry on.    Until my computer crashes and all that work instantly is undone.  I can't just do nothing.   The snow has to be removed.  I can't just sit there.  There are goals to accomplish.  Driveways to get out of.  I must continue on.  The alternative is to quit.  For me, that is not an option. 

Has "snow and plows" gotten in your way?  How do you keep moving forward?    What are your goals? 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Lime Tree Hotel, London

Months  before leaving for the UK, I had made reservations at an establishment while we were staying in London.  For reasons I can't explain, I decided to just look at our accommodations online and checkout the reviews a few weeks before we departed.   The internet sure makes it so much easier to read others opinions and tales of places they have stayed.  In our case, the reviews mattered.  I might add...they mattered a whole lot.  So much so that the word "bedbugs" freaked me out and took me about two seconds to cancel the reservations!   I didn't really care if it was even true.  I was sold.  No way was I staying! 
Looking for other arrangements, I found The Lime Tree Hotel.  I made my inquiries and hoped they had room at their Inn!  I was in America, and they in the UK.  There was a time change difference, so I wouldn't know until the next day if we had a chance! 
I sure hoped so.  It looked so quaint and wonderful and homey.  ALL of the reviews were excellent.  This place looked magnificent. 
I awoke with our answer.  We were in! 

It was all I had hoped it would be and WAY more.  It was clean and inviting and the owners were very hospitable.  The attention to detail was evident in every room.  There were fresh flowers, a garden out back, and friendly staff.  Every morning we had a mouthwatering English breakfast ready for us as we made our way into their dining area. 
How divine it was to tour London, and be able to come back to such generous and relaxing lodging to lay our head each night.   We worried about absolutely nothing while staying here.  We were pampered and most definitely will stay here when London calls us again.  The reviews highly recommended it, and so do we!    Have a look for yourself at
Is there a favorite place that you have stayed that you would recommend?  I want to know! 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Negative experiences

Life is full of experiences.  Some positive, some negative. 
Having recently had my wallet stolen, I am keenly aware of others trials and encounters with bandits who have disrupted  every day schedules.

Just this week I heard of one such woman who left her home for just an hour.  One hour.  In that time, thieves managed to break in her home, dishevel her furniture, rummage through her drawers, and steal priceless  items.  The most treasured was an heirloom from her grandmother.  Not only in cost, but the sentimental value of that item. 
Thieves don't care.  They just want the money.  They don't think of what they have taken away. 

Still another told of his plight as a crook shattered his passenger car window and took a valuable camera with priceless photos of his grandkids.  How bold to carry out the burglary in broad daylight. 

There are good people out there too.  A woman  made her way up to her hotel room and started unpacking.    Soon after,  she realized  her wallet was missing.   Just beginning her holiday,  she was devastated.   While trying to remain calm, the front desk called her room and told her  a gentleman wanted to see her in the lobby.  Not having a clue why, she went down.  There was her taxi driver, grinning as she approached and simply stated, " I believe this is yours."   I still could see her relief as she retold  the story to me. 

Someone just told me of a woman who found her wedding ring 16 years after she had lost it.  It was "growing" in her garden on a carrot!

Or the heart strings story of a wallet found in a field 20 plus years after the death of his son.  Killed in a car accident, the missing wallet had long  been a mystery as to its whereabouts.  Why was it found now,  intact from so long ago?  They will never know, but what a story.

Experiences  grow us.  Bitter or better is up to us.  I am still mad about my wallet being stolen.  I get reminded of it a lot  lately as we have to declare to our credit card companies that charges made on our cards are not ours, but fraudulent activity.   It really is a pain.  I can think of so many other things I would rather be doing.  Bad things happen.  It is not fair, but a fact of life.   I do just really want that picture of my dad back.  I must persevere and not let this picture consume me.  It is just that.  A picture.  I have lots of pictures of him, but this one was so him.  That's why I carried that one in my wallet!   I have to realize mementos can get lost or stolen or ruined.  It is the memories that can never be stolen.  They are forever sealed in our heart. 

Do you have a lost and found story?  I would love to hear it!

(my new site:

Monday, January 6, 2014

New site

I've been waiting, waiting, waiting.  Sometimes being patient is hard.  But, it is worth the wait! 

I just got word that my site is up!

My own micro corner of the internet world! 

My new site is

Go grab a cup of tea and stop in.

Happy day to you.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's cold

Woke up to cold.  Really cold.  Really. Really. Cold.

The high today will be ZERO.

As I sip my tea this morning, I am not going to lie.  I wish I was drinking it once again by the sea. 

I am thankful for: 

A garage for my car
Heated seats in that car
Being able to watch my beloved Packers in the comfort of my home.  I guess I am a fair weathered fan.  Packer fans who go to the game at Lambeau Field on Sunday are the diehards.  I am sure it will be a sold out game. 

I am off to life living in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin.  It's a good life! 
Stay warm.  Now, back to my tea!