Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Solution

Patients in my office say they would rather "give birth than be in the dental chair."
Well, that pretty much describes  how I feel about shopping for clothes.  Madonna may be a Material Girl. Good for her. Me? ...not  so much.

 Walking in to  the nearest Kohl's or Macy's department store makes me break out in hives--literally.    The fluorescent lights, the abundance of choices...way too overwhelming for me.  And the mirrors in the fitting rooms? They remind me of being at the circus.  Remember those? The  reflection looking back is  actually quite frightening!   Don't you just love  the sign fastened to the mirror stating:  ROOMS ARE BEING MONITORED.   Who's looking? And  for how long?   Are they right behind the mirror laughing at my muffin top?  Ummmm...No thanks.

Enter= MY SOLUTION.  Call it my New Year's resolution ( I really don't believe in those, but it is New Years!)

I've heard about stitch fix from reading a few different blogs and  women in general. I decided to check it out. I went online and filled in a little survey about what kinds of styles I liked and didn't. I completed my address and waited for my box to arrive.

It's here!
Came right to my doorstep.  Didn't have to step into a store OR a fitting room!  
What is under the wrapping?
5 items... and they all fit!  First box! A pair of jeans, a dress, 2 sweaters and a pair of earrings.   I am impressed!  I have 3 days to decide if I will keep them. If not, I just send them back in the postage paid bag.  Win Win!
I think I'm going to like this new way of shopping!

I'll keep you updated periodically on my keepers and returns.

Happy New Year.

Monday, December 28, 2015

English joys

Known as the Queen's speech, the Queen of England speaks each Christmas Day. She is eloquent and wise.  One classy lady.  Have you heard it? If not, click the link below. The speech lasts about nine minutes. Well worth your time.

Want to see a few gifts I received for Christmas?  I will show you anyway!
New mug! In this photo, I filled it to the brim with hot cocoa! Topped it off with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a candy cane to stir! It will be my tea mug! Sketches of Big Ben, a Double Decker bus, High Tea, Hyde park, and fish and chips will take me to my happy place on a daily basis!

Received this box from my daughter's special guy in her life. He gave me 4 different kinds of tea, also.  The white chocolate peppermint is my favorite.  If he is trying to make brownie points, it's working!
Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Downton Abbey starts its last season here in America on Sunday the 3rd. I found this quiz in our Sunday paper. So much for thinking I knew so much about the show. I got 4 wrong! Here's a sample question:

            What is the title of the magazine that Lady Edith inherits from Michael Gregson?
             a) The Illustrated London News
             b) Country Life
              c) The Sketch

I said A...which is WRONG!!!
The correct answer is C.

Will you be watching?

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Prince of Peace

                               Isaiah 9:6

              "...For a child has been born for us, a son given to us; authority rests upon his shoulders; and he is named
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace...."

Peace and Happy Christmas

Monday, December 21, 2015

Choir of Angels

There is something serene about a choir singing at Christmastime. All is bright and calm in the world.

I encourage you to click on the below link and listen to the entire carol.

Happy Christmas.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Would you believe...

Remember this one?

I loved this commercial when it came out years ago.  This is about as crazy over Star Wars I will ever get!

A lot of  hype over the new Star Wars movie coming out on the 18th.

Guess what?  Shhhhhhhhhh.....I have NOT seen one Star Wars movie--NOT ONE!!!  NOT EVER!!!
Can you believe that?  I think I may be the only person in the world that hasn't!

Have you?  Are you excited about the new movie?

Monday, December 14, 2015

A Room at the Inn

This past weekend, we traveled by car to Missouri for a family wedding.
Driving gave us some options, and one was to take our time getting to our destination.  The wedding wasn't until Saturday evening, and so we decided to split the drive time and stay at a bed and breakfast halfway.  

Hotels are so generic. I much prefer to stay at B and B's. We have met some very gracious innkeepers and stayed in lovely, unique homes.  I can't help but think of my beloved England while staying at such Inns.
We stayed here at
A cozy Victorian in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

This is the carriage house where we stayed in the Heisel Room.
You have to admit...this is  much more cozy than a hotel room!
   Yes, that is a King size bed, and yes, those are chocolates on our pillows!
Breakfast is always a treat at an Inn.  The table was set with fine Christmas china, water goblets, candles, and the smell of gingerbread entranced us as we floated to our seats.  We dined with a professor and his wife, and learned more about the painting,  American Gothic (famous in these parts and now in the Art Institute of Chicago--- you must go and see if you never have).
                                            Fruit with yogurt,
                                             TEA--of course!
                              And---french toast and sausage.  YUM!
The innkeepers paid close attention to every detail during our stay.  The room, chocolates, heater for our towels, books on the desk (one I happen to be reading at the moment---that just made me smile when I saw it there on the desk)...

 their tree decorated  brilliantly, twinkling so bright while we ate our delicious breakfast, conversation with some new acquaintances.  Staying here was a great way to stop and be thankful for the simple things in life...a nice warm bed, a good book, scrumptious food and lively conversation.

Have you ever stayed in a bed and breakfast?  Where? What did you like most about your stay?

Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Favorite Tradition

What will the story be this year?

Each holiday season, the department store (Daytons, Marshall Fields, Macys---the name changed a few times!) came out with a new display.  The magic took place on the 8th floor and kids and adults alike gazed in pure wonder at the twinkle lights and the magnificent costumes and props.

I remember the first year we went.  The lines were crazy to get in.  The kids were small, but we were determined.  It must be good if people stood in line for literally hours!  And that is exactly what we did.  For two hours, we made our way from one floor to the next,wondering if it would all be worth it. Indeed, it was.  So very worth it.  The tradition had begun.  We were treated to a Dickens Christmas.  We were hooked.

Think of it like opening a book, only you get to walk through it instead of turning the pages.  Below are a few examples of stories we have seen throughout the years.  

Sadly, the past few years the story has stayed the same.  A Day In The Life of an Elf.  The above photo shows the elves at work in one of a dozen or so vignettes.  It really is a sight to behold.  The artists work hard to bring the story  to life.    Even if it is the same one!  Honestly though, we are bummed! We have seen such classics as The Wind in the Willows, The Wizard of Oz, A Christmas Carol...the list is endless.  We very much  looked forward to the surprise of which story it would be that year.  But, all  good things must come to an end.  Yes, it is the same one again this year, but we will go,  regardless.  It's tradition!  
My kids are still looking forward to going.  

Do you have any traditions that you must do each year?  

Monday, December 7, 2015

World famous

Do you have a piece of Wedgwood tea ware?  Me neither.  But, after learning just a bit about the history of Wedgwood, I think it is about time I acquire a set...maybe even two!

Josiah Wedgwood started it all a very long time ago. 1759 to be exact. Josiah (I love that name by the way) was born July 12,  1730  in Staffordshire.  At the young age of 9, he was working with clay and well on his way to becoming  great potter.

Enter smallpox.

He no longer had the use of his leg. For some, that would end it.  Done. No more creating at the wheel.

I have the utmost respect for those who didn't quit when they very well could have.

Josiah turned to designing.  And with the help of others, he, indeed, made a few wares.  In 1759, he founded Wedgwood. I think his "break" came when England's Queen Charlotte ordered a few sets. He was on his way!

The company sells plenty of  tea wares, and know lots about tea.

The World of Wedgwood opened a museum in July of this year in Barlaston, Staffordshire.  In it, there are plenty of artifacts from the 250 years of history.

I can't think of a better way to spend a day walking their landscaped grounds, touring the factory, watching artists at work, buying a piece or two in the retail store, AND topping it off spending the afternoon having tea in the Wedgwood Tea Room.

Want to learn more?
Click on the website.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The two days  a year where the giving comes easy.  What about the other 363 days?

Hubby and I are in a small group at church.  (Loving it!)  We were together a few days ago brainstorming ideas of how we can give. A charity came up. Never heard of it.

Check out the video. Our group is excited about helping out on an "ordinary" day.